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In the Garden News

For a gardener, August really is a wonderful month.  We still have a lot of work to do but most of the planting is done for the season, so we can relax a little and enjoy the results in the flower garden. The Kitchen Garden is also especially rewarding this month, with some of my favourite delicacies on the cropping list.

Most of the squashes such as the butternuts and iron bar are ready in the autumn but the early season spaghetti squash will soon be cropped.  This is quite an unusual vegetable, which is boiled or baked whole, and then the noodle like contents is scooped out. It has a quite a delicate flavour, which I enjoy simply with just butter, salt and pepper.  But in the kitchens at Gravetye, George our head chef, likes to use it to carry the flavours of the beautifully balanced sauces he serves with it.

Along with squashes the sweetcorn will also be in season soon, which is a flavour I spend the whole year waiting for.  All vegetables taste best when they are eaten directly from the garden but this is especially true for sweetcorn.  After picking it continues to respire, burning up the precious sugars in the cob, so not a moment should be wasted between picking and cooking.  I always just boil or barbeque the ones I confiscate as “gardener’s tax”.  But it is so exciting to work with the chefs at Gravetye and see the things they create, which I could never dream of doing at home. One of George’s favourite recipes is a sweetcorn velouté with smoked confit egg yolk, served with a chicken crumble and blue vetch petals.

You can read Tom's latest article in Country Life 'Disciplining the whips' on our Press Page

Gravetye Garden Blog

For all those eager to read more regular updates from the garden, then we have good news. Our head gardener Tom and his team are delighted to launch the Gravetye Garden Blog. Packed full of pictures and information on their work at Gravetye - look out for Tom’s plant of the week, as well as posts from exciting contributors.

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At the Manor News

We are delighted to reveal some of our forthcoming Autumn events, which include a Drawing Masterclass, a talk on Bees and a Wild Mushroom Tasting Dinner… 

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In the Kitchen News

Head Chef George gets excited about the raspberries from our kitchen garden this month, read on for his raspberry vinegar recipe…