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In the Kitchen News

Gravetye Head Chef George Blogg

The produce that Tom and his kitchen garden are producing at the moment is a dream for anyone passionate about fantastic ingredients.  Childhood memories have been flooding back with spaghetti squash and asparagus peas being brought into the kitchen; items that my parents used to grow on their allotment that you could never find in supermarkets or restaurants.  The gooseberries, blueberries and strawberries are now over, but raspberries are in abundance with varieties ranging from the delicious golden yellow coloured to the more acidic and highly sweet deep purple.  They are at their best eaten raw, but with the amount we are receiving we still need to preserve them.   Freezing and jams work well, but here is a simple recipe for a raspberry vinegar.  It’s ideal for deglazing a pan when cooking any game or offal over the next half year.  After deglazing, thicken and enrich the pan juices by whisking in some diced butter, and then pass off to create a quick sauce.

Raspberry Vinegar
2K of raspberries
1L of white wine vinegar.
Pour all the of vinegar over 500g of raspberries, cover and store for 24 hours.
Strain off the liquor and pour over another 500g of raspberries.  Cover and store for a further 24 hours.
Strain for the third time over another 500g of raspberries, and after 24 hours strain into bottles that are a quarter filled with raspberries.
Seal tightly, and then store for at least 4 weeks before using.

In the Garden News

Tom enjoys August in the Flower Garden as well as the fruits of his labour in the Kitchen Garden…

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At the Manor News

We are delighted to reveal some of our forthcoming Autumn events, which include a Drawing Masterclass, a talk on Bees and a Wild Mushroom Tasting Dinner…

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