The Gravetye Garden Salad

October 2023

Photography - Patricia Niven


The Gravetye Garden Salad is currently one of our seasonal complimentary dishes offered to all Lunch and Dinner guests dining in our Main Restaurant. It contains over 30 different components harvested from our Kitchen Garden. 



Sea Salt

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aged Chardonnay Vinegar

Egg Yolks

A Selection of Vegetables

Puffed Buckwheat





Executive Chef George says, ''this dish is the truest representation of the relationship between kitchen and garden at Gravetye. We serve it to every guest in the restaurant as a pre-starter, so around 700 salads a week. The components change daily, depending on what is harvested from the garden, which also makes writing a recipe for it a little complicated. Instead of a set recipe, we have a framework that we use to work around, this includes a number of “layers”. It is not as simple as the name of the dish suggests and represents quite a staggering amount of work and organisation from both the gardening team and the kitchen. To make matters even more complicated, we use quite a few preserved ingredients over the winter and rely on a smaller range of ingredients but a greater array of cooking techniques to still keep the salad interesting''.


Click here to watch George make the Gravetye Garden Salad

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