The Summer House Border

September 2020

Hedychium 'Tara'

This plant is about seven years old now and the best it has ever looked.  As well as taking a few years to bulk up it has appreciated the past years mild winter, as well as the recent heat wave.

Phlox 'Princess Sturdza'

One of the loveliest phlox with excellent flowering season. Our plants have been in full bloom since July and still have flower bud. Irrigating them well before they flower can help a lot in extending the flowering season. It also has an especially good scent.

Erigeron Annuas

This is a really useful annual, which will self sow around the garden. It is easy to weed out where it is unwelcome and will transplant quite easily, even when it is in flower. Its white flowers appear to float through the planting, particularly in the evening.

Dahlia David Howard

This is a really robust and reliable Dahlia, who's spots of Orange can be really effective in the late summer light. These plants will continue flowering until we start getting frosts. The plants can survive the winter left in the ground but we tend to lift our tubers and store them in the shed.  That way we can use their space in the border for spring flowers, and grow the dahlias to the best standard we can.


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