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Gravetye Manor first opened its doors as a hotel and restaurant on the 17th May 1958. 60 years on, Gravetye continues to flourish under the ownership of Jeremy & Elizabeth Hosking.

“Gravetye has been and still is a special place for Jeremy and I. We celebrated our wedding night here many years ago. Since buying Gravetye in 2010, we have undertaken a number of restoration projects in the
hotel itself and the gardens. Both Jeremy and I were, as indeed were all the staff, incredibly keen to keep Gravetye’s heritage alive and not erase it. There is something magical about the manor and its gardens that comes from more than bricks & mortar. It is an intangible quality that arises, I believe, from all that has taken place here over the past 420 years. Every part of this painstaking restoration project has been carried out with a sensitivity that
respects the past but looks forward to the future and I believe that our new dining room is a shining example of this. The new restaurant opened this year, in time for our 60th anniversary celebrations and I feel it truly captures the essence of the latest chapter in Gravetye’s ever evolving story.” Elizabeth Hosking

Find out more from Elizabeth and the rest of the team in this film.

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