Looking for cocktail inspiration during the lockdown?

Try 'Gravetye Courgette Martini'


50 ml Gin
25 ml Courgette syrup
10 ml Noilly prat vermouth

Pour all ingredients into a small bowl, add ice cubes and stir until cold; then pour into a martini glass and garnish with some courgette.

For the courgette syrup, you will need:

2 tsp of sugar
2 Lemon
a bowl and some cheesecloth.

• Muddle the Courgette in the bowl
• Add the lemon and sugar
• Mix everything really well
• Leave for 12 hours
• Strain into a fresh bottle
Shelf life:- 7 days
PS: If you want to add some herbs then mint works well, but only a bit to infuse.

Enjoy with the compliments of Costa our Bar and Lounge Manager.

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